We, at our school, thus aim at developing self –reliant, conscientious women by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to create a strong identity for them, in the world that is changing itself at an extraordinary pace with the dominance of technology and globalization.

I deem it my great fortune to have the opportunity to welcome you to our school. Little Flower Convent is a family which moves together in all decisions; celebrates in oneness and fights against odds in unison. Our students for us are like the protected children of household and we here at LFC consider it our collective responsibility to shape their future in the best possible way. Our school has proved its mettle in all spheres and has consistently been pursuing the never ending and ever expanding horizon of excellence. I am of firm faith that, guided by the vision of our founder and propelled by the support of the administration, our school will always rise high in the realm of academics, sports as well as cultural activities.

H.M.G.C.K. Dharmawardena
(S.L.P.S. - 1)
B/ Kuda Kusm Balika M.V.
National School